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"Receiving a straight razor shave at Members Only Barber Shop is an incredible experience. The relaxation factor in the middle of the workweek is unbelievable! In addition to the great shave, the experience of sitting in an old time barbers chair brought back fond memories of my Grandfather. I highly recommend the experience! Thanks Franco!"

Mark Constable
Colorama Wholesale Nursery
Carpenteria, CA


"I have such a great experience at Members Only Barbershop. Franco is truly the epitome of what a barber is and how a straight razor shave should be executed. I picked a few techniques and tips from my visits and I appreciate that Franco will take me on short notice."

Joshua Buera
Santa Barbara, CA


"It's rare to find such a place as Members Only Barber Shop. Your professional service should be considered a Treasured Art!...I still remember the day when you finished my shave. I couldn't believe how my face felt! I felt great! Then to top it off, you offered me a cigar and whisked me on my way. I would just like to say, I would receommend every man experience your old style shave!"

James P. Hanchrow
New York, NY




2005 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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"I have been a satisfied member of Members Only Barbershop for over six years and I recommend Franco to all my good friends. If you want the best shave and haircut, go see Franco. He will always take care of you."
Andrew Lemert
Santa Barbara, CA